Decorating Uncomplicated [course+community membership]


Maybe you can relate:

  • You don’t want to hire a designer, but you want the designer look.
  • You buy throw pillows, lighting and art at the store, but the things you choose never look quite right when you get them home.
  • You want your house to look cohesive and pulled together, but no matter how hard you try, that pulled-together flow never quite happens.
  • Decorating seems so complicated.
  • And you’re tired of your wasting time and money searching around online for the answers only to get more confused by all the conflicting advice online.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure of yourself and gain the confidence and skills you need to decorate your own home for less than it costs to hire a designer.

  • Easily find your signature style, learn how to describe it and know exactly which design elements you need for each space in your home
  • Finally learn to choose the right paint colors every single time.
  • Put together a design plan for your whole houseno matter what its size, that you can refer back to at any time. 
  • Decorate each room in your house with confidence, one at a time, as your time and budget allow in the right order
  • Save time and money because you’ll never be unsure of a design purchase again! 

PLUS, you get 6 months free access to the private Decorating Uncomplicated Community!

Where you can ask questions, get design advice from me and your fellow decorating enthusiasts, submit photos for feedback and join challenges to help keep you motivated and on track! 

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